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[ARX01S] Loxy & Mindmachine, Ink & J.Dub - Fiend, Darkart [FLAC]
[ARX024] Derrick and Tonika - I Love You & Seven [320] (2009)
[ARX026] BTK - That Does It & 1999 [320] (2011)
[ARX029] Various Artists - Street Glory EP [FLAC]
[ARX030] Fade - Purple Funk EP [FLAC]
[ARX031] Getz - City Walk EP [FLAC]
[ARX032] Arclight - Migrations EP [FLAC]
[ARX033] DBR UK - Eviction EP [FLAC]
[ARX034] J. Robinson - Two Faced EP [FLAC]
[ARX035] C.A.B.L.E. - A Change Of Seasons EP [FLAC]
[ARX036] Atmospherix - Confessions EP [FLAC]
[ARX037] VRH - Kozmodrom EP [FLAC]
[ARX038] Gremlinz - Fallen EP [FLAC]
[ARX039] The Last Hero - Underground Mysteries EP [FLAC]
[ARX040] Kobra - Last Light [FLAC]
[ARX041] Gremlinz - Fallen (Remixes) [FLAC]
[ARX042] Sinistarr - XIII EP [FLAC]
[ARX043] Various Artists - Street Glory 2 EP [FLAC]
[ARX044] Volatile Cycle - Lockdown EP [FLAC]
[ARX045] Loxy & Genotype - The Author EP [FLAC]
[ARX046] Goreteks - Anasazi EP [FLAC]
[ARX047] Psyek & Local Heroes - MSM EP [FLAC]
[ARX048] The Last Hero - Underground Mysteries Part II [FLAC]
[ARX049] Ahmad - Bricks EP [FLAC]
[ARX050] Various Artists - The 50th EP [FLAC]
[ARX051] Jesta & Suffer - Roof Knock EP [FLAC]
[ARX052] Apostroph - Control [FLAC]
[ARX053] Loxy - The Savage Land, Exodus [FLAC]
[ARX054] Loomix - The Brink [FLAC]
[ARX055] Ink, Loxy, Resound - Summer Daze EP [FLAC]
[ARX056] Loomis - Anamorphic, Cognition [FLAC]
[ARX057] Sector 4 - Illusions EP [FLAC]
[ARX058] Ink - Like Water [FLAC]
[ARX059] Sin - Euphoria EP [FLAC]
[ARX060] Ink - Tropical Land [FLAC]
[ARX061] Resound - Aftermath, Nonlinear [FLAC]
[ARX062] Ink - The History Collection [FLAC]
[ARX063] S-Capade - Pictures EP [FLAC]
[ARX064] Ink - Iceman, Iceman (Resound Remix) [FLAC]
[ARX065] Loomis - Dual Realities [FLAC]
[ARX066] Sin - Traumas, Lost And Found - Chapter One [FLAC]
[ARX067] Ink, Resound - Starlight [FLAC]
[ARX068] Ink - The History Collection Vol. 2 [FLAC]
[ARX069] Sin - Traumas, Lost And Found - Chapter Two [FLAC]
[ARXLP001] The Architex - Incision [FLAC]
[ARXLP002] Fifth Element - Can You Draw Sound [FLAC]
[ARXLP003] Stranjah - Visionz Of A Future [FLAC]
[ARXLP004] Ahmad - Intaference LP [FLAC]