Critical: Thanks to Dilinjah Djanic!!

[BINARY001] Hyroglifics - Critical Presents Binary Vol. 1 [FLAC]
[BINARY002] Klax - Critical Presents Binary Vol.2 [FLAC]
[BINARY003] Billain - Critical Presents Binary Vol.3 [FLAC]
[BINARY004] Current Value - Critical Presents Binary Vol. 4 [FLAC]
[BINARY005] Posij - Critical Presents Binary Vol.5 [FLAC]
[BINARY006] Subtension - Critical Presents Binary Vol.6 [FLAC]
[BINARY007] Signal - Critical Presents Binary Vol.7 [FLAC]
[BINARY008] Vromm - Critical Presents Binary Vol.8 [FLAC]
[BINARY009] Obeisant - Critical Presents Binary Vol.9 [FLAC]

[BINARY010] Monty - Critical Presents Binary Vol.10 [FLAC]
[BINARY011] Kije - Critical Presents Binary Vol.11 [FLAC]
[BINARY012] Kiril - Critical Presents Binary Vol.12 [FLAC]
[BINARY014] Cruk - Critical Presents Binary Vol.14 [FLAC]
[BINARY015] Kumarachi - Critical Music Presents Binary Vol.15 [FLAC]
[BINARY016] TI - Critical Presents Binary Vol.16 [FLAC]
[BINARY017] Stoner - Critical Presents Binary Vol.17 [FLAC]
[BINARY018] Particle - Critical Presents Binary Vol.18 [FLAC]
[BINARY019] Klippee - Critical Presents Binary Vol.19 [FLAC]
[BINARY020] aBLe - Critical Presents Binary Vol.20 [FLAC]
[BINARY021] Waeys - Critical Presents Binary Vol.21 [FLAC]
[BINARY022] Trex - Critical Presents Binary Vol.22 [FLAC]
[BINARY023] Cauzer - Critical Presents Binary Vol.23 [FLAC]
[BINARY024] ENVY - Critical Presents Binary Vol.24 [FLAC]
[BINARYLP01D] VA - Binary - Codes [FLAC]
[CIRC001] Circuits - Coming Through EP [FLAC]
[CIRC002] Circuits - FHIT, Dream State [FLAC]
[CIRC003] Circuits - Euphoria EP [FLAC]
[CIRC004] Circuits - High Resolution, Microdose [FLAC]
[CIRC005] Circuits - Nervous System EP [FLAC]
[CRIT007D] Sys X - L Razor, Angeldancer [FLAC]
[CRIT008D] Ill.Skillz - Forgive Myself [FLAC]
[CRIT009D] Calibre - Rockafella, Barca [FLAC]
[CRIT010D] Phobia - Future Soul, Mandalay [FLAC]
[CRIT011D] - Satisfy, Try Again [FLAC]
[CRIT012D] Breakage, Alias - Plum Fairy, Admit To Love [FLAC]
[CRIT013D] Break, Silent Witness - Dialling Out [FLAC]
[CRIT014D] Breakage - Staggered Dub, 4 Me [FLAC]
[CRIT015D] Alias - Can I, Van Cleef [FLAC]
[CRIT016D] Calibre - Domeron, Maximus [FLAC]
[CRIT017D] Young Ax - Something Wonderful, Listen Up [FLAC]
[CRIT019D] Funky Technicians - Bandits, Welcome Aboard [FLAC]
[CRIT020D] SKC - Pain, Forget [FLAC]
[CRIT021D] Breakage - Blue Mountain, Astro [FLAC]
[CRIT022D] Bungle - Too Late, Human Poison [FLAC]
[CRIT023D] Silent Witness - California, Atlanta [FLAC]
[CRIT024D] SKC, Bratwa, Futurebound - Pain, Fritenight [FLAC]
[CRIT025D] Break - Cold Sweat, The Vacuum [FLAC]
[CRIT026D] CLS - With No Light To Guide My Way [FLAC]
[CRIT027D] Chris.Su - Sacrifice, To Heal [FLAC]
[CRIT028D] Icicle, Nymfo - Shadows Of Tomorrow, Unbreakable [FLAC]
[CRIT029D] Lomax - Innocent X [FLAC]
[CRIT030D] Breakage - Cooper, Rebel Creations [FLAC]
[CRIT031D] Icicle - Lost Hours [FLAC]
[CRIT032D] Vicious Circle, Sabre - Endless [FLAC]
[CRIT033D] SpectraSoul - Alibi, Dark Hour [FLAC]
[CRIT034D] Survival - Portal [FLAC]
[CRIT035D] VA - Critical Sound Volume 1 [FLAC]
[CRIT036D] Bungle - Be Like This [FLAC]
[CRIT037D] Silent Witness - Poster Girl EP [FLAC]
[CRIT038D] SpectraSoul - Alibi (Break Remix), Organiser [FLAC]
[CRIT038LTDD] SpectraSoul - Taken [FLAC]
[CRIT039D] Sabre - Orginal Sin [FLAC]
[CRIT040D] Serum, DJ Vapour - Live & Direct [FLAC]
[CRIT041LTDD] Kasra, Stray - Perception, Timbre [FLAC]
[CRIT042D] Break - Late Drop [FLAC]
[CRIT043EPD] Rockwell - Noir EP [FLAC]
[CRIT044D] FD, Hydro, Keza - Canopy [FLAC]
[CRIT045D] Total Science - Redlines [FLAC]
[CRIT046D] Stray - Erase, Locked Up [FLAC]
[CRIT047D] Bladerunner - Back To The Jungle, Who Jah Bless [FLAC]
[CRIT048D] Total Science - Redlines (Break Remix), Scaremonger [FLAC]
[CRIT049D] S.P.Y - Field Of Joy, Stormtrooper [FLAC]
[CRIT050D] Cyantific - 305, Opium [FLAC]
[CRIT051D] Rockwell - Aria EP [FLAC]
[CRIT052D] Enei - Cracker, Danger Dance [FLAC]
[CRIT053D] Seba, Paradox - The Light, As If [FLAC]
[CRIT054D] Kasra, S.P.Y - Surface, Control [FLAC]
[CRIT055D] Code 3 - What You Sayin [FLAC]
[CRIT056LTDD] Enei - One Chance [FLAC]
[CRIT057D] Enei - Stonehead EP [FLAC]
[CRIT058D] Foreign Concept - Mob Justice EP [FLAC]
[CRIT059D] Calibre - Piano Bizness, Smooth Baby [FLAC]
[CRIT060EPD] VA - Critical Presents Sequence One [FLAC]
[CRIT061D] Sabre, Stray, Halogenix - Oblique [FLAC]
[CRIT062D] Break - Here We Go [FLAC]
[CRIT063D] Dub Phizix - Never Been [FLAC]
[CRIT064EPD] VA - Critical Presents Sequence Two [FLAC]
[CRIT065LTDD] SpectraSoul, Enei - Organiser (Foreign Concept Remix), One Chance (Emperor Remix) [FLAC]
[CRIT066D] Riya - Injustice, Affliction [FLAC]
[CRIT067D] Xtrah - Soundclash, Discordance [FLAC]
[CRIT068D] Ivy Lab - Afterthought [FLAC]
[CRIT069D] Mefjus - Signalz, Cypher [FLAC]
[CRIT070D] Emperor - Begin EP [FLAC]
[CRIT071D] Enei - Liberation EP [FLAC]
[CRIT072D] Foreign Concept - Tag Team EP [FLAC]
[CRIT073D] Mefjus - Contemporary EP [FLAC]
[CRIT074D] Ivy Lab - Missing Persons EP [FLAC]
[CRIT075D] Emperor, Mefjus - Hello World EP [FLAC]
[CRIT076D] Enei - Goliath EP [FLAC]
[CRIT077D] Foreign Concept - Make Meals EP [FLAC]
[CRIT078D] Sam Binga - Nuh Chat EP [FLAC]
[CRIT079D] Mefjus - Suicide Bassline [FLAC]
[CRIT080D] Ivy Lab - Twenty Questions EP [FLAC]
[CRIT081D] Emperor - Into Black EP [FLAC]
[CRIT082D] Enei, Kasra - Inside The Box EP [FLAC][CRIT083LTDD] Ivy Lab, Mefjus - MEF-LAB [FLAC]
[CRIT084D] Hyroglifics - No Drama EP [FLAC]
[CRIT085D] Enei - Just One Look, Bad Proof [FLAC]
[CRIT086D] Phace - Phace and Friends EP [FLAC]
[CRIT087LTDD] Mefjus - Emulation (The Remixes) [FLAC]
[CRIT088D] Alix Perez, Ivy Lab - Arkestra EP [FLAC]
[CRIT089LTDD] Sam Binga, Breakage - Binga vs Breakage [FLAC]
[CRIT090D] Hyroglifics - All Talk EP [FLAC]
[CRIT091D] Signal - Parallax Ep [FLAC]
[CRIT092LTDD] Enei - Rituals Remixed [FLAC]
[CRIT093D] Mefjus, Emperor - Hello World 2 Sanity Check EP [FLAC]
[CRIT094D] Klax - Rekanize EP [FLAC]
[CRIT095LTDD] Emperor - Dispositions - The Remixes [FLAC]
[CRIT096D] Ivy Lab - Peninsula EP [FLAC]
[CRIT097D] Foreign Concept - Skit City [FLAC]
[CRIT098D] Enei - Wolfpack EP [FLAC]
[CRIT099D] Halogenix - Velvet EP [FLAC]
[CRIT100D] VA - Critical Music Presents 15 Years Of Underground Sonics [FLAC]
[CRIT101D] Mefjus, Kasra - Decypher, Conversion [FLAC]
[CRIT102D] Enei - Cold Touch, Transition [FLAC]
[CRIT103D] Sam Binga, Rider Shafique - Champion EP [FLAC]
[CRIT104D] The Upbeats - Punks EP [FLAC]
[CRIT105D] Enei - Transmitter EP [FLAC]
[CRIT106D] Hyroglifics - South London’s Finest [FLAC]
[CRIT107D] Emperor - Bloodsport EP [FLAC]
[CRIT108D] QZB - Unity EP [FLAC]
[CRIT109D] Shyun - The Beast EP [FLAC]
[CRIT110D] Halogenix - Deep News [FLAC]
[CRIT111BP] Foreign Concept - Gozen EP [FLAC]
[CRIT112D] Klax - The Lucid EP [FLAC]
[CRIT114D] The Upbeats - Gamma Ray EP [FLAC]
[CRIT115D] Sam Binga - Champion Ep [RELOADED] [FLAC]
[CRIT116D] SpectraSoul - Organiser (Circuits Rewire) [FLAC]
[CRIT117D] Kasra - Ski Mask EP [FLAC]
[CRIT118D] Enei - Faded EP [FLAC]
[CRIT119D] Emperor - Box Cutter EP [FLAC]
[CRIT120D] QZB - Take It All EP [FLAC]
[CRIT121D] Halogenix - Vex, Don’t You Know [FLAC]
[CRIT122D] Klax, Enei - Questions [FLAC]
[CRIT123D] Shyun, Cruk - See It Our Way [FLAC]
[CRIT124D] Hyroglifics - Cash Out [FLAC]
[CRIT125D] TI - Cold Cuts [FLAC]
[CRIT126D] Levela - Cerebral EP [FLAC]
[CRIT127D] Kasra - Focus On The Love EP [FLAC]
[CRIT128D] Sam Binga - If The Cap Fits EP [FLAC]
[CRIT129D] Halogenix - Gaslight EP [FLAC]
[CRIT130D] QZB - Delirium Ep [FLAC]
[CRIT131D] Enei - Divided Mode EP [FLAC]
[CRIT132D] Sam Binga - If The Cap Fits Remixed Part.1 [FLAC]
[CRIT133D] Hyroglifics - Stone Rose EP [FLAC]
[CRIT134D] Particle - Empires EP [FLAC]
[CRIT135D] Fade Black - Condemned EP [FLAC]
[CRIT136BP] Halogenix - Blej - Fade Black Remix [FLAC][CRIT137D] Kasra - Mecanique EP [FLAC]
[CRIT138D] Emperor - Backchat EP [FLAC]
[CRIT139D] Enei - Sinking EP [FLAC]
[CRIT140D] Sam Binga - If The Cap Fits Remixed Part. 2 [FLAC]
[CRIT141D] QZB - Perspectives Vol.1 [FLAC]
[CRIT142D] Particle - Eskimode, Air Force [FLAC]
[CRIT143D] Halogenix, IMANU - Technoid [FLAC]
[CRIT144D] Serum, Kasra - Noodles EP [FLAC]
[CRIT145D] Kasra, Enei - Deep Fakes EP [FLAC]
[CRIT146D] Particle - Thermal EP [FLAC]
[CRIT147D] Halogenix - Dragonforce EP [FLAC]
[CRIT148D] Levela - Axium EP [FLAC]
[CRIT149D] Enei - Voices EP [FLAC]
[CRIT150D] Hyroglifics - Best Of [FLAC]
[CRIT151D] Levela - Eclipse, Sacred [FLAC]
[CRIT152D] TI - Integrated [FLAC]
[CRIT153D] Sam Binga, Hyroglifics - Wicked & Bad EP [FLAC]
[CRIT154D] Coco Bryce - Hold The Line EP [FLAC]
[CRIT155D] Kasra, Particle - Psychoactive, Tinted [FLAC]
[CRIT156D] QZB - Clairvoyant EP [FLAC]
[CRIT157D] Kasra - Let It Slide, I Don’t Know What The Future Brings [FLAC]
[CRIT158D] Enei - Sinking VIP [FLAC]
[CRIT159D] Buunshin - Abrasion EP [FLAC]
[CRIT160D] Bou - Creeper EP [FLAC]
[CRIT161D] Workforce - Moods EP [FLAC]
[CRIT162D] Particle - Audio Visual [FLAC]
[CRIT163D] Enei - Dirty EP [FLAC]
[CRIT164D] Fade Black - 12 Gauge, Far Gone [FLAC]
[CRIT165D] Sam Binga, Chimpo - Maison Binga-Chimpoix Presente - Ultra Luxe [FLAC]
[CRIT166D] Hyroglifics, AC13 - Mercy & Misery, Clubcard [FLAC]
[CRIT167D] QZB - Perspectives Vol.2 [FLAC]
[CRIT168D] Serum - Gator, Tokyo Rose [FLAC]
[CRIT169D] Waeys - Snoar EP [FLAC]
[CRIT170D] Foreign Concept - Sticks EP [FLAC]
[CRIT171D] Levela - Jacked EP [FLAC]
[CRIT172D] aBLe - Pillar To Post [FLAC]
[CRIT173D] Enei - Escape [FLAC]
[CRIT174D] TI - Integrated 2.0 [FLAC]
[CRIT175D] Particle - Nosedive, Wound [FLAC]
[CRIT176D] Fade Black - Polaris, Elysium [FLAC]
[CRIT177D] Kasra - Guilty, Kanjiru [FLAC]
[CRIT178D] QZB - Perspectives. Vol.3 [FLAC]
[CRIT179D] Mefjus - Hear Me [FLAC]
[CRIT180D] Voltage - Heaux Music, Congo Bongo [FLAC]
[CRIT181D] Hyroglifics - Forlorn EP [FLAC]
[CRIT182D] Klinical - Constant EP [FLAC]
[CRIT183D] Sam Binga, Particle - Skrrrrr EP [FLAC]
[CRIT184D] gyrofield - Retinues, Urgency [FLAC]
[CRIT185D] Enei - The Greatest trick [FLAC]
[CRIT186D] Coco Bryce - Daktari EP [FLAC]
[CRIT188D] IMANU, The Caracal Project - Neiges, La Fournaise [FLAC]
[CRIT189D] Particle - Drivin’ Me Crazy, Switch Hunt [FLAC]
[CRITCD001CD1D] VA - All Sounds Electric CD1 [FLAC]
[CRITCD001CD2D] VA - All Sounds Electric CD2 [FLAC]
[CRITCD002D] VA - All Sounds Electric 2 [FLAC]
[CRITCD03D] VA - Critical Sound [FLAC]
[CRITCD05D] Enei - Machines [FLAC]
[CRITDIGI001D] Cyantific & Kasra - Outer Limits (Insideinfo Remix) [FLAC]
[CRITDIGILP001D] VA - Critical Sound Of Drum And Bass [FLAC]
[CRITDIGILP02D] VA - Critical X [FLAC]
[CRITIVY001] Ivy Lab, Frank Carter III - Soul Sista [FLAC]
[CRITLP008D] Sam Binga - Wasted Days [FLAC]
[CRITLP010D] Current Value - Biocellulose [FLAC]
[CRITLP011D] Emperor - Dispositions LP [FLAC]
[CRITLP012D] VA - Critical Music Presents Modified Sonics [FLAC]
[CRITLP014D] VA - New Energy Vol.1 [FLAC]
[CRITLP015D] TI - Blank Canvas [FLAC]
[CRITLP04D] Sabre - A Wandering Journal [FLAC]
[CRITLP06D] VA- Critical Music Presents Underground Sonics [FLAC]
[CRITLP07D] Mefjus - Emulation [FLAC]
[CRITLP09D] Enei - Rituals [FLAC]
[CRITLP2BP2020] VA - Critical Music - Expressions [FLAC]
[CRITLP3BP2020] VA - Modulations - Modulate [FLAC]
[CRITLP4BP2020] VA - Critical Music Presents - Systems [FLAC]
[CRITLPBP2020] VA - Critical Music - Unexplored Sonics [FLAC]
[CRITLPXX] VA - 20 Years Of Underground Sonics [FLAC]
[CRITMLP001D] Kasra, Enei - Remote Transmissions [FLAC]
[CRITSYS001D] Halogenix - Critical Presents Systems Vol.1 [FLAC]
[CRITSYS002D] Fre4knc - Critical Presents Systems 002 [FLAC]
[CRITSYS003D] Klax - Critical Presents Systems 003 [FLAC]
[CRITSYS004D] Signal - Critical Presents Systems 004 [FLAC]
[CRITSYS005D] Redders - Critical Presents Systems 005 - The Redders EP [FLAC]
[CRITSYS006D] Current Value - Critical Presents Systems 006 [FLAC]
[CRITSYS007D] Sam Binga, Chimpo - Critical Presents Systems 007 [FLAC]
[CRITSYS008D] Vromm - Critical Presents Systems 008 [FLAC]
[CRITSYS009D] QZB - Critical Presents Systems 009 [FLAC]
[CRITSYS010D] Shyun - Critical Presents Systems 010 [FLAC]
[CRITSYS011D] Was A Be - Critical Presents Systems 011 [FLAC]
[CRITSYS012D] Kiril - Critical Presents Systems 012 [FLAC]
[CRITSYS014D] Fox - Critical Presents Systems 014 - Simmer Down EP [FLAC]
[CRITSYS015D] Bou - Critical Presents Systems 015 [FLAC]
[MODULE001D] Lenzman - More Than I Can Take [FLAC]
[MODULE002D] Hybris - The Cleaner [FLAC]
[MODULE003D] Judda - Pressure Plate [FLAC]
[MODULE004D] Nymfo - Try To Forget [FLAC]
[MODULE005D] FD - Stack [FLAC]
[MODULE006D] Vicious Circle & Jubei - Deliberate [FLAC]
[MODULE007D] Dub Phizix - Break It [FLAC]
[MODULE008D] DMinds - Subcrate [FLAC]
[MODULE009D] Mortem - Get Closer [FLAC]
[MODULE010D] June Miller - Snapcase [FLAC]
[MODULE011D] Xtrah - Set The Levels [FLAC]
[MODULE012D] Emperor - Monolith [FLAC]
[MODULE014D] Stray - Ginseng Smash [FLAC]
[MODULE015D] Ruffhouse & Clarity - Persecute [FLAC]
[MODULE016D] Sam Binga - Ayo [FLAC]

Mainframe: Thanks to Dilinjah Djanic!!

[MFR001CDBP] Camo & Krooked - Above & Beyond [FLAC]
[MFR001] Camo & Krooked, Mutated Forms, Mc Coppa - It Has Begun, Mafia [FLAC]
[MFR002CD] Disaszt - Shadow & Lightning [FLAC]
[MFR002] Camo & Krooked, Receptor - Vision, Flash [FLAC]
[MFR003LP] Body & Soul - Rebirth LP [FLAC]
[MFR003] Camo & Krooked, Kos & Tenchu - Fatman, Toxic [FLAC]
[MFR004D] VA - Mainframe Soldiers � The Final Chapter [FLAC]
[MFR004EP] Hybrid Minds - Heartfelt [FLAC]
[MFR004] Shimon & DisasZt, Camo & Krooked - Zoids, Dakota [FLAC]
[MFR005EP] VA - Cold’n’Meltin [FLAC]
[MFR005] DisasZt & Infame, Camo & Krooked - Oh My Dear, Vampires [FLAC]
[MFR006EP] Bluescreens - Assault [FLAC]
[MFR006] Disaszt, Camo & Krooked - Together (DC Breaks Remix), Synthetic [FLAC]
[MFR007EPBP] High Maintenance - Searching [FLAC]
[MFR007] DisasZt & Infame, Camo & Krooked - Oh My Dear! (Body & Soul Rmx), Vampires (Phetsta Rmx) [FLAC]
[MFR008EP] VA - Remix [FLAC]
[MFR008] Task Horizon, InsideInfo - Focused Locust, Stations [FLAC]
[MFR009EP] A.M.C. - New Life [FLAC]
[MFR009] Masai - One, Heretic [FLAC]
[MFR011EP] Dossa - Rucksack [FLAC]
[MFR012EP] NC-17 - Sex, Drugs, Lies, Alcohol & Video Tape [FLAC]
[MFR013EP] Body & Soul - Rebirth EP [FLAC]
[MFR014EP] Magical Gravity - Supersonic [FLAC]
[MFR015EP] Locuzzed - Stratos [FLAC]
[MFR015] Xilent - Evolutions Per Minute, Tenkai [FLAC]
[MFR016EP] NC-17 vs. The Voss - Pull Up [FLAC]
[MFR016] Fourward - Space Car Wash, The Healer [FLAC]
[MFR017EP] Derryl Danston - The Dark Side of the Mars [FLAC]
[MFR017] Davip, Engage & Conectivers - Massacre, Vertigo [FLAC]
[MFR018EP] Locuzzed - The Journey [FLAC]
[MFR018] Body & Soul, Fourward - Authority VIP, Carnage (Dubstep Remix) [FLAC]
[MFR019EP] VA - Mainframe Soldiers - EP Vol. 1 [FLAC]
[MFR019] STANZA, Grimm - Runaway [FLAC]
[MFR020BP] Body & Soul, Fourward - No One Here [FLAC]
[MFR020EP] VA - Mainframe Soldiers Vol. 2 [FLAC]
[MFR021EP] VA - Mainframe Soldiers Vol. 3 [FLAC]
[MFR021] Fourward - Talk to Me [FLAC]
[MFR022EP] Dossa & Locuzzed - Beatfunk [FLAC]
[MFR022] Naked Fish - Black Clouds [FLAC]
[MFR023EP] VA - Mainframe Soldiers Vol. 4 [FLAC]
[MFR023] Disaszt - Sposh, Tommygun [FLAC]
[MFR024EP] Derryl Danston - S.O.L [FLAC]
[MFR024] Body & Soul - The Puppets, Under the Radar [FLAC]
[MFR025EP] TR Tactics - Imagination D [FLAC]
[MFR025] Disaszt - Till the Sun Comes Up [FLAC]
[MFR026EP] Aaronic - Savage Minds [FLAC]
[MFR026] Bluescreens - Overload, Heartcore [FLAC]
[MFR027] PLAYMA - Monsters, Crackdown [FLAC]
[MFR028] Fourward - Sewer Run, Numb Faces [FLAC]
[MFR029] Naked Fish - The End, Heat the Fire [FLAC]
[MFR030] Mindscape - Ultrasonik Remixes [FLAC]
[MFR031] Body & Soul - Pop Some, Neighborhood [FLAC]
[MFR032] Naked Fish - Better Day [FLAC]
[MFR033] Dossa - Rainbow Ride, Jam Session [FLAC]
[MFR034] Funk Effect - Take off, Dive [FLAC]
[MFR035] Locuzzed - Beyond, Get Up [FLAC]
[MFR036] A.M.C - Onryo, X [FLAC]
[MFR037] Magical Gravity - Go On, In the Air [FLAC]
[MFR038] Dossa - Tunnelblick, Vegas [FLAC]
[MFR039] Protune & DisasZt - Titan [FLAC]
[MFR040] Funk Effect - Balistic [FLAC]
[MFR041] Tenchu - Dark Clouds [FLAC]
[MFR042] DisasZt, Coppa - Trojan Horse [FLAC]
[MFR043] Aaronic - Riot Mode, Origins [FLAC]
[MFR044] DubApe - Soundboy Killa [FLAC]
[MFR045] Naked Fish - Monolith [FLAC]
[MFR046] Dossa & Locuzzed - Himalaya [FLAC]
[MFR076] NC-17 - RMXD [FLAC]
[MFR077] receptor - Crossover, Okay [FLAC]
[MFR078] Dorian - Stresstest, Fluid Sound [FLAC]
[MFR079] Dossa & Locuzzed - 24-7 [FLAC]
[MFR080] DubApe - AI, Zero Point [FLAC]
[MFR081] TR Tactics - Illuminate, Dark Universe [FLAC]
[MFR082LP] VA - This Was Open Air Festival 2016 [FLAC]
[MFR083] Darpa - Epidemic, Night King [FLAC]
[MFR084] NC-17 - Predator, Night of the Zombies [FLAC]
[MFR085A] Ansa, Body & Soul - Hundat Prozent [FLAC]
[MFR085B] Ansa, Body & Soul - Hypochonda [FLAC]
[MFR086LP] VA - Inside the Mainframe - A Drum & Bass Journey in 23 Steps [FLAC]
[MFR087] Disaszt, DubApe - Activate, Razor [FLAC]
[MFR088] Body & Soul, MC Daxta - Connect [FLAC]
[MFR089EP] Dorian - Ritual [FLAC]
[MFR090] DubApe & Phentix - Get It, Silk Road [FLAC]
[MFR091LP1] VA - Bass Infection Vol. 1 [FLAC]
[MFR091LP2] VA - Bass Infection Vol. 2 [FLAC]
[MFR091LP3] VA - Bass Infection Vol. 3 [FLAC]
[MFR091LP4] VA - Bass Infection Vol. 4 [FLAC]
[MFR091LP5] VA - Bass Infection Vol. 5 [FLAC]
[MFR092] Dorian, Skore - Powertool, Be Afraid [FLAC]
[MFR093EP] TR Tactics - Vision [FLAC]
[MFR094EP] DubApe - Unstoppable [FLAC]
[MFR095] Tapolsky & VovKING - Kaiman, Hyperid [FLAC]
[MFR096] Erb N Dub & DisasZt - Stop [FLAC]
[MFR097] Bl4ck Owlz - Get Da Funk [FLAC]
[MFR098] Disaszt - Disco Ninja, Shorty [FLAC]
[MFR099A] TR Tactics - Rise Of The Galaxy (Part One) [FLAC]
[MFR099B] TR Tactics - Rise Of The Galaxy (Part Two) [FLAC]
[MFR100LP] VA - Mainframe 100 [FLAC]
[MFR101] Kutlo - Raw, High Are U [FLAC]
[MFR102EP] TR Tactics - Vision Remixed [FLAC]
[MFR103] Disaszt, Phentix, Patch Edison - In & Out [FLAC]
[MFR104] Dorian, Skore - Retro Driver, Cyberpunk [FLAC]
[MFR105] Erb n Dub - Power [FLAC]
[MFR107] Disaszt - Whistle [FLAC]
[MFR108LP] VA - 17 Years of Mainframe [FLAC]
[MFR109] DubApe - Parameter [FLAC]
[MFR111EP] Manta - Spectre [FLAC]
[MFR112] Smooth - Anger [FLAC]
[MFR113] Disaszt - Tigerlilly, Synco [FLAC]
[MFR114] Disaszt, Marianna Ray - Don’t Know Us [FLAC]
[MFR115] Dorian - Monsta [FLAC]
[MFR116] Disaszt, The Clamps - Popcorn Machine [FLAC]
[MFR117] Disaszt, Trei - Danger Time, Shape the Future [FLAC]
[MFR118] Disaszt, Manta - Laser Raptor [FLAC]
[MFR119] Disaszt - Winter is Coming [FLAC]
[MFR120] Dorian - Radiation [FLAC]
[MFR121] Wingz - Mistrust [FLAC]
[MFR123] Vovking - Tears [FLAC]
[MFR124] Dorian - 404 [FLAC]
[MFR125] Vovking - Carburetor [FLAC]
[MFR126] Disaszt - Pure [FLAC]
[MFR2017] VA - Inside The Mainframe 2017 [FLAC]
[MFRDIGITAL002] VA - Rebound [FLAC]
[MFRDIGITALEP001] VA - Together [FLAC]
[MFREP002] VA - Outcast EP [FLAC]
[MFREP003] High Maintenance - Don’t Lose It [FLAC]
[MFRSUN] High Maintenance - Sun Flares [FLAC]