[SRS001] Various Artists - Sirius Music, Vol. 1 [FLAC]
[SRS002] Grim Hellhound - Aokigahara EP [FLAC]
[SRS003] Lockpick - General Water EP [FLAC]
[SRS004A] Grim Hellhound - Cosmology EP (Instrumental) [FLAC]
[SRS004] Grim Hellhound - Cosmology EP [FLAC]
[SRS005] Sound Priest - Black Mirror Remixes [FLAC]
[SRS006] Various Artists - Sirius Music, Vol. 2 [FLAC]
[SRS007] Naked - Total India, Warm Heart [FLAC]
[SRS008] Science Energy - Yharnam EP [FLAC]


[SILKCD001] Furi Anga - Omnipresence [FLAC]
[SILKD001] Forge, Cubik, Jynx - Ultraviolet, Unison [FLAC]
[SILKD002] Subway Funk - Konstanta, Don’t Let Me Down [FLAC]
[SILKD003] Pulsaar - Universe, Starguitar [FLAC]
[SILKD004] SubSid, M25, First Function - Rio, Cold Feelings [FLAC]
[SILKD005] Ultracode - The Ultracode Chronicles [FLAC]
[SILKD006] Stereotype, Ultracode - The Mosaic EP [FLAC]
[SILKD007] Forge, Hyperion Vision - Northern Lights, Keepers [FLAC]
[SILKD008] Dominic Ridgway - Days Away, Beauty Falls [FLAC]
[SILKD009] Blue Motion - Distant Sounds [FLAC]
[SILKD010] Various Artists - Suspended Animation EP [FLAC]
[SILKD011] Empire - Invaders, Nazca [FLAC]

[SILKD012] Johnny Kon - Caught, Hold My World [FLAC]
[SILKD013] Dominic Ridgway - Ketamine, Beauty Falls (Dakosa Remix) [FLAC]
[SILKD014] Various Artists - The Liquid Silk Vol. 1 [FLAC]
[SILKD015] Various Artists - The Ascension EP [FLAC]
[SILKD016] Flatliners - Grizzly Hills, Static Movement (Consequence Remix) [FLAC]
[SILKD017] Integration Now - SN1, SN2 [FLAC]
[SILKD018] Bulb - Lonely Gravity, Default Settings [FLAC]
[SILKD019] Getz, Nuage, THRN - Life Is The Show, Lost In Silence [FLAC]
[SILKD020] The Hybridz - Roots Of Resistance, Mind Splicer [FLAC]
[SILKD021] Brokensilence - Headcracked, Whatever U Say [FLAC]
[SILKD022] Gerwin - Superhero, My Hidden Side [FLAC]
[SILKD023] Furi Anga - Until My Fears Reappear, Her Fingers Like Lotus Flowers [FLAC]
[SILKD024] The Hybridz - Anograms [FLAC]
[SILKD025] Bulb, Faib, Tiiu - Buried Future EP [FLAC]
[SILKD026] Integration Now - Monogamia [FLAC]
[SILKD027] Forge - Dubplay [FLAC]
[SILKD028] Various Artists - Static Movement, Grizzly Hills (Consequence Remix) [FLAC]
[SILKD029] ATP, Forge - Liquid Silk, Vol. 2 [FLAC]
[SILKD030] Furi Anga, Bulb, ASC - The Night Falls, The Unquiet Universe [FLAC]
[SILKD031] The Hybridz - New Dimensions [FLAC]
[SILKD032] Various Artists - Re-Imagine [FLAC]
[SILKD033] Akuratyde - Last Forever [FLAC]
[SILKD034] Forge - New Beginnings [FLAC]
[SILKD035] StarJam, Malk - Shadow Drop [FLAC]
[SILKD036] Forge - Liquid Silk, Vol. 3 [FLAC]
[SILKD037] Ghostek - False Flag, Agents Of Chaos [FLAC]
[SILKD038] Akuratyde - Last Forever Remixed [FLAC]
[SILKD039] Forge - Analogue, Return [FLAC]
[SILKD040] Forge - The Invention Of Dub EP [FLAC]
[SILKD041] Forge - Cognition, The Chance [FLAC]
[SILKD042] Forge - Cut Throat, Freehold [FLAC]
[SILKD043] Forge - Round About, Flashback [FLAC]
[SILKD044] Forge - Nanosect, Boulder Dome [FLAC]
[SILKD045] Forge - Are You Ready, Finger Lick [FLAC]
[SILKD046] Forge - No Matter What, Safety Beach [FLAC]
[SILKD047] Forge - In The Mood, Sunlights Bliss [FLAC]
[SILKD048] Forge - Disconnected, Care For You [FLAC]
[SILKD049] Forge - Arrival, Another Chance [FLAC]
[SILKD050] Flatliners - Grizzly Hills (Forge Remix) [FLAC]
[SILKD051] Forge - Realm Of Lights, The Portal [FLAC]
[SILKD052] Forge - Is It Real, Grime Father [FLAC]
[SILKD053] Forge - Embryo [FLAC]

Samurai Horo:

Clarity - Other Sights VIP FINAL [FLAC]
[HORO001] Tokyo Prose & FIS - The Dares, The Truths [FLAC]
[HORO002] ASC - No Secrets, Zenith [FLAC]
[HORO003] Clarity - Other Sights, Rohypnol [FLAC]
[HORO004] Sam KDC - Between Dreams, Downpour [FLAC]
[HORO005] ASC - Lost Sync Part 1 [FLAC]
[HORO006] ASC - Lost Sync Part 2 [FLAC]
[HORO007] Fis - Duckdive EP [FLAC]
[HORO008] Kiyoko - Kiyoko [FLAC]
[HORO009] Indigo - Reaching the Source [FLAC]
[HORO010] Various Artists - Scope [FLAC]
[HORO012] Ena - Bacterium EP [FLAC]
[HORO013] Theme - Theme EP [FLAC]
[HOROLUCYPACT] Pact Infernal - The Descent (Chapter 1) [FLAC]
[NOVREMIX01] Night Of Visions - Remixed, Part 1 [FLAC]
[NOVREMIX02] Night Of Visions - Remixed, Part 2 [FLAC]
[PACTCD01] Pact Infernal - The Descent (Chapters I & II) [FLAC]
[PACTRES] Pact Infernal - The Descent Chapter II Reincarnated [FLAC]
[SMGHORO01] Kiyoko - Fragments EP [FLAC]
[SMGHORO02] Ena - Dirt EP [FLAC]
[SMGHORO03] ASC - Loophole EP [FLAC]
[SMGHORO04] Carrier One - Underwater Device [FLAC]
[SMGHORO05.5] DiNT - The Black Drug EP [FLAC]
[SMGHORO05] Pact Infernal - The Descent (Chapter 1) [FLAC]
[SMGHORO06] Fenton - 0096 EP [FLAC]
[SMGHORO07] Ena - Divided [FLAC]
[SMGHORO08] Pact Infernal - The Descent [Chapter II] [FLAC]
[SMGHORO09] Lucy - Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax [FLAC]
[SMGHORO10] Kiyoko - The Horo Files [FLAC]
[SMGHOROCASS01] Ena - Divided [FLAC]
[SMGHOROLP01V] Ena - Binaural Part 2 [FLAC]
[SMGHOROLP01] Ena - Binaural [FLAC]
[SMGHOROLP02] Ancestral Voices - Night Of Visions [FLAC]
[SMGHOROREMIX] Various - Horo Remixes [FLAC]

Samurai Music:

[HANNYAVIP] Various Artists - Samurai Hannya (The VIPs) [FLAC]
[NZ001] State Of Mind & Trei - True Stories [FLAC]
[NZ002] Klute - Divinity, Hang With Me [FLAC]
[NZ003] Mosus & S.P.Y. - 1999, Post Modern [FLAC]
[NZ004] Trei & Dose - The Other Part Of Me, It’s Alright [FLAC]
[NZ005X] Soul Intent, Luca - Cold Blooded, Break & Enter [FLAC]
[NZ006X] Hobzee & Zyon Base, Luca - Rain On Lens, The Red Sky [FLAC]
[NZ007] Trei - Shame, Vibrations [FLAC]
[NZ008] State Of Mind& Trei, The Upbeats - True Stories (The Upbeats Remix), The Weka [FLAC]
[NZ009] Cern - Timeslip, Eastern Gates [FLAC]
[NZ010] Soul Intent - Stone Cold Killa, Conflict [FLAC]
[NZ011] Nymfo - Greetings Starfighter, 8 Band [FLAC]
[NZ012] Soul Intent - Be Strong [FLAC]
[NZ013] Dose - Reason Being, Helpless [FLAC]
[NZ014X] Heavy 1, Nymfo & Menace - Millers, Drunk Funk [FLAC]
[NZ015X] Eastcolors, Foreign Concept & DBR UK - Acidized, Radiation [FLAC]
[NZ016] Pessimist & Arma - Canyon [FLAC]
[NZ017] Loxy & Resound - League Of Shadows, Metro [FLAC]
[NZ018] Dub Phizix & Skeptical - Run It Like The President [FLAC]
[NZ019] Tokyo Prose & Phil Tangent, Clarity - Code Of Honour ‘Honesty’ [FLAC]
[NZ020] Nymfo, Borderline & Subtension - Code Of Honour ‘Respect’ [FLAC]
[NZ021] Loxy & Resound, Overlook - Code Of Honour ‘Bravery, Courage’ [FLAC]
[NZ022] Fre4knc, Mtwn & Mindmapper - Tubular [FLAC]
[NZ023] Subtension - Black Haze, Changes [FLAC]
[NZ024] Homemade Weapons - Kintaro EP [FLAC]
[NZ025] Fre4knc - Tellurian EP [FLAC]
[NZAFTERDARK] Homemade Weapons & Gremlinz - After Dark EP [FLAC]
[NZCD003] Various - Way Of the Samurai 2 - Code of Honour [FLAC]
[NZLP001CD] DJ Presha - Way Of The Samurai [FLAC]
[NZLP002CD] Trei - Innuendo [FLAC]
[SAMURAIHANNYA] Various Artists - Samurai Hannya [FLAC]
[SMDE001] Homemade Weapons, Red Army - Sleep Terror EP [FLAC]
[SMDE002] The Untouchables - Blackout EP [FLAC]
[SMDE003] Calrity - Fog, Blue Ruin [FLAC]
[SMDE004] Nucleus & Paradox - Alzora, Volcanism [FLAC]
[SMDE005] Ancestral Voices - Old Earth Voodoo [FLAC]
[SMDE006] Homemade Weapons - Negative Space Remixed [FLAC]
[SMDE007] Last Life - Nootka EP [FLAC]
[SMDE008] Homemade Weapons - Heiress EP [FLAC]
[SMDE009] Artilect - Blurring The Line [FLAC]
[SMDE010] Shiken Hanzo - Myth EP [FLAC]
[SMDE011] Torn - Internal EP [FLAC]
[SMDE012] ASC - The Abyssal Plain [FLAC]
[SMDE013] Artilect - Rhythm Seeker EP [FLAC]
[SMDE014X] Antagonist - Shui, Escapism [FLAC]
[SMDE015] Baby T - Portra [FLAC]
[SMDE016] ASC - An Exact Science [FLAC]
[SMDE017] Quartz - Snakes EP [FLAC]
[SMDE018] Toen & Roho - Fatum EP [FLAC]
[SMDE019] Donato Dozzy - The Tao [FLAC]
[SMDE020] ASC - An Increase In Entropy [FLAC]
[SMDE021] Artilect - Infinite Tension EP [FLAC]
[SMDE022] Last Life - Horde EP [FLAC]
[SMDE023] Presha - Rats [FLAC]
[SMDE024] Eusebeia - Fall Then Rise [FLAC]
[SMDE025] Presha - Rats Infest 1 [FLAC]
[SMDE026] Presha - Rats Infest 2 [FLAC]
[SMDE027] Presha - Rats Infest 3 [FLAC]
[SMDE028] Roho - Elemental [FLAC]
[SMDEC1] Various Artists - Samurai Music Decade (Phase 1) [FLAC]
[SMDEC2] Various Artists - Samurai Music Decade (Phase 2) [FLAC]
[SMDELP01] Homemade Weapons - Negative Space [FLAC]
[SMDELP02] Theme - Passages [FLAC]
[SMDELP03] The Untouchables - Mutations [FLAC]
[SMDELP04RX] Homemade Weapons - Gravity Remixed [FLAC]
[SMDELP04] Homemade Weapons - Gravity [FLAC]
[SMDELP05] Last Life - Recon [FLAC]
[SMDELP06] ASC - Isolated Systems [FLAC]
[SMDELP07] The Untouchables - Grassroots [FLAC]
[SMDELP08] Torn - Borderline [FLAC]
[SMDELP09] Mako - Death Of A Romantic [FLAC]
[SMG001] Clarity - Hell’s Gate EP [FLAC]
[SMG002] Nucleus & Paradox - Prism, Electropaque [FLAC]
[SMG003] Ruffhouse - Straight 9’s, UVB-76 [FLAC]
[SMG004] Pessimist - The Woods, Lead Foot [FLAC]
[SMG005] Overlook, Loxy & Resound - The Lodge, Harbour [FLAC]
[SMG006] Falling Skies - Land Of The Lost, Tremor [FLAC]
[SMG007] Homemade Weapons - Clarion Call EP [FLAC]
[SMG008] Mako - Let The Truth Be Heard, Forbenji [FLAC]
[SMG009] Synth Sense - Cycle, Ectype [FLAC]
[SMG010] Seba & Method One - Let’s Be Done With This, Silicon Nature [FLAC]
[SMGCD001] Clarity - Infinite [FLAC]

Samurai Red Seal:

[REDSEAL001] Eveson - Late Night Special, Solstice [FLAC]
[REDSEAL002] Luca - Speakeasy, Eastern Highway [FLAC]
[REDSEAL003] Calibre - Ringtone, Jackoff [FLAC]
[REDSEAL005] Calibre - Judgement Day EP [FLAC]
[REDSEAL006] ASC - Machines [FLAC]
[REDSEAL007] Need For Mirrors - Def Tone, Scar Tissue [FLAC]
[REDSEAL008] Tokyo Prose - Introducing Tokyo Prose (Part 1) [FLAC]
[REDSEAL009] Tokyo Prose - Introducing Tokyo Prose (Part 2) [FLAC]
[REDSEAL010] Need For Mirrors - Fishscale, Retrograde [FLAC]
[REDSEAL011] ASC - Brainscan, Zone One [FLAC]
[REDSEAL012] Calibre - Hummer EP [FLAC]
[REDSEAL013] Tokyo Prose & Phil Tangent - Parity, Rearview [FLAC]
[REDSEAL014] ASC - Droids, Never Enough [FLAC]
[REDSEAL015] Villem & Mcleod - Solar Plexus, Hush [FLAC]
[REDSEAL016] Lynx - March Of The Living, Rankoor [FLAC]
[REDSEAL017] Consequence, ASC - Code Of Honour Wisdom [FLAC]
[REDSEAL018] Marcus Intalex, Tokyo Prose - Code Of Honour Honour [FLAC]
[REDSEAL019] Tokyo Prose - Raised By Wolves, Status Anxiety [FLAC]
[REDSEAL020] Paradox - Scorpius, Crate Logic [FLAC]
[REDSEAL021] Villem & Mcleod - Another Star [FLAC]
[REDSEAL022] Indigo - Storm EP [FLAC]
[REDSEAL023] Sam KDC - Survive Exist, Erogenous [FLAC]
[REDSEAL909] ASC - Polemic, Oracle, 909 Rhythm Track [FLAC]
[REDSEALCD001] ASC - Out Of Sync [FLAC]
[REDSEALDEPTH] Genotype - Lessons In Depth [FLAC]
[REDSEALITPD] Tokyo Prose - Introducing Tokyo Prose [FLAC]
[REDSEALREMIX001] Tokyo Prose - Tokyo Prose Remixed [FLAC]
[SMGRS01] Djrum - Plantain, What I Was Doing When I Was Doing What I Was Doing [FLAC]
[SMGRS02] Tokyo Prose - Continued Presence [FLAC]
[SMGRS03] Theme - Scenes 1-4 [FLAC]
[SMGRS04] Tokyo Prose - Dawn Chorus EP [FLAC]
[SMGRS05] Sam KDC - Psychic Dirt EP [FLAC]
[SMGRS06] Ena - Meteor EP [FLAC]
[SMGRS07] ASC - Space Echo EP [FLAC]
[SMGRSLP001] Tokyo Prose - Presence [FLAC]
[SMGRSLP02] ASC - Imagine The Future [FLAC]


[SHIRO001] Erkiu - YRA EP [FLAC]
[SHIRO002] Mono - Consciousness EP [FLAC]
[SHIRO003] Torn - Grethen EP [FLAC]