Med School, Dutty Audio, Invisible, Neosignal in FLAC

Med School: Thanks to Dilinjah Djanic!! 47Gb

[MEDIC01] S.P.Y. - Black Flag - Double Dragon [FLAC]
[MEDIC02DD] CLS - Black and White [FLAC]
[MEDIC03DD] Fracture & Neptune - Ventura [FLAC]
[MEDIC04DD] Icicle - So Close [FLAC]
[MEDIC05DD] S.P.Y - Ghost Ship [FLAC]
[MEDIC06DD] Craggz - My Detroit [FLAC]

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Barcode, Beta, Eatbrain in FLAC

Barcode: Thanks to Dilinjah Djanic!!

[BARCODE001] Raiden - Pitbull Attack, Mind Bombing [FLAC]
[BARCODE002] Evol Intent - 7 Angels With 7 Plagues, Corrupt Cops [FLAC]
[BARCODE003] Fission, Kaiser - Ormus, Cruel Intentions [FLAC]
[BARCODE004] VA - The Rowdy Time EP [FLAC]
[BARCODE005] Psidream, Mechwarrior - Stitches, Last Walk [FLAC]
[BARCODE006] Chase & Status - Call To Prayer, Stand Off [FLAC]
[BARCODE007] VA - Back To The Void EP [FLAC]
[BARCODE008] Spor - Haunt Me, Brickbeats [FLAC]
[BARCODE009] Ewun - Face Off, Interstellar [FLAC]
[BARCODE010] VA - The Mercenaries EP - Phase 1 [FLAC]

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Critical, Mainframe in FLAC

Critical: Thanks to Dilinjah Djanic!!

[BINARY001] Hyroglifics - Critical Presents Binary Vol. 1 [FLAC]
[BINARY002] Klax - Critical Presents Binary Vol.2 [FLAC]
[BINARY003] Billain - Critical Presents Binary Vol.3 [FLAC]
[BINARY004] Current Value - Critical Presents Binary Vol. 4 [FLAC]
[BINARY005] Posij - Critical Presents Binary Vol.5 [FLAC]
[BINARY006] Subtension - Critical Presents Binary Vol.6 [FLAC]
[BINARY007] Signal - Critical Presents Binary Vol.7 [FLAC]
[BINARY008] Vromm - Critical Presents Binary Vol.8 [FLAC]
[BINARY009] Obeisant - Critical Presents Binary Vol.9 [FLAC]

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Blackout, Flexout in FLAC

Blackout: Thanks to Dilinjah Djanic!!

[BLCKTNL001] Optiv & BTK - Bad Attitude [FLAC]
[BLCKTNL002] Telekinesis - Judgement Day [FLAC]
[BLCKTNL003] Audio - Bag of Bones [FLAC]
[BLCKTNL004X] Black Sun Empire - Variations on Black [FLAC]
[BLCKTNL005] State of Mind - Mr. Cover Up [FLAC]
[BLCKTNL006] State of Mind - No-Operative [FLAC]

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Virus, Vision

Virus: Thanks to Dilinjah Djanic!!

[VRS001LP] Ed Rush & Optical - Wormhole [FLAC]
[VRS001] Ed Rush & Opticsl - The Medicine, Punchhbag [FLAC]
[VRS002LP] Matrix - Sleepwalk [FLAC]
[VRS002] Ed Rush & Optical - Zardoz, Satellites [FLAC]
[VRS003LP] Ed Rush & Optical - The Creeps [FLAC]
[VRS003] Ed Rush & Optical - Lifespan, Crisis [FLAC]
[VRS004LP] Ed Rush & Optical - The Original Doctor Shade [FLAC]

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